The Landfill Site - Master Plan
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When landfill is finally closed - in 2-5 more years - it will be one of the highest landforms in Atlanta. As such, it holds some potential as the site for group of communications towers. With proper planning, the site could serve a large portion of the city, and relieve some of the pressure to place towers in less appropriate locations. With permitting in place, communications companies would be able to realize tremendous savings in soft costs by knowing that they could start construction without waiting months for permission to erect their towers. The operation could be a source of revenue applied toward the maintenance of the Riverway.

In order to achieve success as an Art Park / Communication facility, there are many factors to consider:
*  Design the communications towers as pieces of art, crowning the hillside, setting it off by its form.
*  The plan for the towers would have to be considered as an integral component of the closeout plan. Many
   alternatives would have to be examined to adequately address structural requirements, load bearing, guying,
   public safety, etc.
*  Engage the services of a multidisciplinary team to create the form of the towers and to site them
   appropriately: landscape architects, sculptors, communication & structural engineers.
*  Provide night lighting that accentuates the form of the towers and creates changing patterns against the sky.
*  Encourage people to visit the site and move amongst forms.

As an adjunct to the communications tower concept, the Master Plan is proposing the installation of a large-scale piece of site art, using plant material as the medium. The Photosimulation of a portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. provides an example of how this flat, clearly artificial landform can be transformed into a dynamic canvas.


From the top of the landfill, the view to the west is dominated by Blue Circle's sprawling complex. As an extension of the ArtPark concept, the concrete silos are treated as overscaled colored pencils, embellishing the simple forms with recognizable - but greatly magnified - objects.

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1997 Landscape Architecture Foundation Demonstration Project 
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Last updated on 13 February 1998