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The large field on the south side of the Blue Circle Concrete Company plant has many potential uses:  commercial, residential, and recreational. This plan transforms the site into a community recreation facility with ballfields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and parking. The road network follows the landfill's existing gravel roads.

Ballfields would be constructed at or near existing grade. However, if the landfill needed additional capacity, it would may be possible to add a considerable volume of material to the site, and then develop into a playing field complex. The large trees on the west side of the landfill should be carefully preserved in either case to preserve a buffer between the residential community and the landfill.

With some forethought, the landfill could be converted into a nine-hole golf course in an unusual setting. The closeout plan for the landfill would have to be adjusted in several ways:
*  Provide relatively level areas for tees, greens, and sandtraps.
*  Consider the location of trees and shrub pockets:  deeper areas of a growing medium that would allow root growth without endangering the liner.
*  Most of the "rough" could be native wildflowers and grasses, similar to the ground cover that exists today.
*  Shape the landform to give it sculptural interest as seen from the surrounding community.
*  Use grading to separate holes from one another, since trees will have to be confined to planting pockets.

The course would feature dramatic views of the Atlanta skyline and a challenging regimen of hillsides to cover. While the net effect might be a landfill with slightly less capacity, it would provide a visually attractive asset to the community.

The landform nearest the river could still be used for the communications sculpture concept (see Master Plan), while the side slopes of the landfill could be used as a "canvas" for a large scale environmental  art project.

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1997 Landscape Architecture Foundation Demonstration Project
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Last updated on 13 February 1998