Linear Park  Plaza Area  Amphitheater  Structure 
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Wildflowers and native plants have been placed periodically along the trails to enhance the aesthetic quality of the trail system; while increasing the biological and ecological diversity of the species found in the park. These plantings help to add color to the park, as well as, creating visual interest while moving through the park.  Native plants also help to increase the number of bird and animal species while creating new wildlife habitat in the Chattahoochee River Greenway.  The site is currently heavily wooded; to increase biological diversity the existing woodland will have to be opened up.


A park with play areas is an enjoyable place for both the visiting family and neighborhood children. In the Linear Park Conceptual Master Plan,  we felt  that it was important to provide the needed recreational space for the surrounding neighborhood. By placing around the site play equipment at nodes or street entrances to the park there is the vision and hope that the children visiting the park will find the park memorable place to come and play. The play equipment in the park is designed to aid in a child's development by encouraging him or her to explore the fantasy world of play through their use of imagination and curiosity.


Chattahoochee River neighborhoods are more neighborly because of Chattahoochee Riverway, the neighborhood gardening and public landscape program of the Atlanta Horticultural Society. Chattahoochee Riverway provides information, technical assistance and encouragement to help organize community groups who want to revitalize their neighborhood through plantings on vacant lots, in parks and along river basin. Chattahoochee Riverway also helps restore the city's public landscapes by working with local residents, corporations and neighborhood organizations to turn neglected spots into vibrant welcoming green spaces for Atlanta's millions of residents and visitors.

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Linear Park Plaza Area Amphitheater Structure
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1997 Landscape Architecture Foundation Demonstration Project
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