Linear Park Plaza Area Amphitheater Structure

The Hartsfield Center is just a small part of the overall 12-mile river corridor.  But this site has much potential as both a park and as a city-wide amenity.  The Hartsfield Incinerator was part of Atlanta's industrial past.  Now the building lies dormant without the activity she knew before; one thinks of the possible potential this structure could have for the citizens of Atlanta today and tomorrow.
The Hartsfield Incinerator's rebirth carries with it its industrial heritage and offers many design alternatives for how the structure can be used to better meet the cultural, educational, and recreational needs of the community and the surrounding Atlanta metropolitan region.  The Incinerator site being located in such close proximity to the Chattahoochee River encourages the use of the structure as both an environmental and ecological resource for the community and the river.  Education as to Atlanta's industrial past and the growth of Atlanta through lectures, community discussions, classes, and community action project.

The incinerator structure is the perfect place for the modern artist, sculptor, or performer.  The buildings hard geometrical lines combined with its exterior industrial equipment of conveyors, structural platforms, and industrial machinery give the appearance of something quite out of place with the naturalness of the river.  We see this contrast as a design asset not as a hindrance to our conceptual designs for the Incinerator and its surrounding woodland.  We see the existing structure as a place for cultural and art events, festivals, concerts, neighborhood art classes and workshops. The surrounding metropolitan region could and should benefit from the redesign of the Hartsfield Incinerator.  Recreation is a strong element of the site design envisioned for the future of the Chattahoochee Riverway System.

Linear Park; Plaza Area Amphitheater Structure

1997 Landscape Architecture Foundation Demonstration Project
Sponsored by Urban Resources Partnership
Last updated on 13 February 1998