Linear Park  Plaza Area  Amphitheater  Structure
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The Amphitheater has two
intended uses:

(1) as a gathering area for organized presentations, performances, and activities.

(2) as a quite seating area for individuals or small groups of people. The design proposals for the amphitheater area take advantage of a dramatic elevation change to create a strong sense of enclosure and offer striking views of the incinerator structure and the surrounding environment. The amphitheater nestles into the existing hillside and sitelines are directed toward the incinerator building, which serves as a backdrop for a stage. The curvilinear lines of the amphitheater contrast with the hard, linear lines of the incinerator structure and create a strong visual element.

LEFT:  The amphitheater takes advantage of the change of elevation to create good views.  The stack and hooper create an industrial backdrop for the stage setting.  RIGHT:  The existing wall separates the east of building into the proposed seating and amphitheater areas. There is an approximate 25 feet drop from the top of the wall to the ground level of amphitheater.


The design for the amphitheater includes water features and a stage with a convex shaped wall. The amphitheater provides a place for outside performances and serves as an outdoor classroom. It can also function as a water feature in suitable seasons.

RIGHT: amphitheater seating waterfall and central water fountian.


Linear Park  Plaza Area  Amphitheater  Structure 
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1997 Landscape Architecture Foundation Demonstration Project
Sponsored by Urban Resources Partnership
Last updated on 13 February 1998